Angel Food Cake with Lemon Icing and Strawberries

So, Labor Day is tomorrow, and while it’s the unofficial end of summer, I WILL NOT LET SUMMER BE OVER YET. To prove that it’s still summer (at least in my house), I made this cheery angel food cake full of sunny flavors. Even if fall is looming, it can still be summer in your mouth. And since no one really wants to do actual labor over Labor Day weekend, this cake is easy as pie to make (actually much easier!). This cake really makes you understand why they call it angel food – it is truly a heavenly dessert. The cake itself is light and airy while still being flavorful. The lemon icing really brightens things up, and is substantial without weighing down the cake. And the strawberries are the cherry on top… but you know, strawberries. Ok, I’ll stop using food idioms to describe similar but different foods.

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Cinnamon Pecan Coffee Cake (with Chocolate Chips)

Coffee cake can get a bad rap. The stuff you get at coffee shops is fine, but certainly nothing you tend to remember past lunch. It’s just a quick sugar fix in the morning, or something pretty safe to grab off a continental breakfast buffet. But man, when it’s good, it is a totally different food! Crumbly, dense, tender, and moist all at once. The first time I made this I was completely floored by how good it was. And I’m always down for cake for breakfast – especially when it’s judgement free. Like muffins, where everyone just pretends you aren’t eating a cupcake, this coffee cake is deliciously decadent and no one will bat an eye as you casually serve cake for breakfast.

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Berry Patriotic Cake

One of my favorite things about summer is the fresh, light deserts. I especially love fruit-forward desserts that are still decadent. The 4th of July was the perfect excuse for a cake featuring strawberries, blueberries, fluffy cream cheese frosting, and a pun.

I planned on making a red, white, and blue cake with the red being a layer of strawberry cake, the blue being a layer of blueberry cake, and the white being the icing. I wanted a cake base that was light and fluffy and really let the fruit shine through, but still had some flavor and substance. And while I love the flavor of cream cheese frosting, I didn’t want a heavy red-velvet-style frosting. The solution to both: lots of meringue. There were a few mistakes my execution, but the end result is a light-but-decadent, fresh, fruity cake that’s perfect for summer.

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