Crunchy-Chewy Sugar Cookies

Ahh, sugar cookies. While one of my favorite types of cookies, I almost never eat them. While I think it’s hard to mess up a chocolate chip cookie, I think it’s difficult to make a good sugar cookie. It seems like every time I try a sugar cookie it is either bland, or lives up to the name a little too well and is overwhelmingly sweet. Or, in the case of most of the fancy sugar cookies decorated with royal icing, both. They also tend to end up really, really hard due to all the granulated sugar. So I set out to make a sugar cookie that could hold its own against it’s chocolate chip studded brethren. (Spoiler alert: I succeeded!). Continue reading “Crunchy-Chewy Sugar Cookies”


Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

First, let’s acknowledge that chocolate chip cookies in general are pretty perfect. Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like them? I haven’t. Even a really bad chocolate chip cookie isn’t that bad. School cafeterias can make a decent chocolate chip cookie. Subway has pretty dang good chocolate chip cookies. SUBWAY! But for the chocolate chip cookie baker looking to impress, this actually creates quite the challenge. Everyone expects a chocolate chip cookie to be good, so when they try a new one and it’s good, there’s no reaction. Of course it’s good. It’s a chocolate chip cookie. To really wow someone, the cookies have to be exceptional. Perfect. And these are.

Obviously everyone has different preferences on how they like their chocolate chip cookies, and I’m not saying anyone is wrong. But some people are wrong. If you are looking for a dry, cakey chocolate chip cookie: look elsewhere. If you are looking for a flavorful, moist cookie that can be baked anywhere from ooey-gooey to crispy-crunchy, keep reading.

Continue reading “Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies”