Blackberry Lime Pie with Gruyere Crust

“Holy Moly!*” That’s what Andrew exclaimed upon his first bite of this pie, and I think it’s a pretty apt expression of my thoughts on it as well. (*He didn’t say moly…) This pie will be the gold standard against which I judge all my other pies. And professional’s pies, for that matter. This has been my favorite crust for a while, because, c’mon. Gruyere + buttery, flaky layers of pie crust? What’s not to love? Gruyere is less greasy than cheddar cheese, the more popular cheese for pie crust, and lends such a nice savory element to balance out sweet-tart pie filling. But the filling was new, and man, holy moly is right. Previously I’d only made apple pies with the crust, which were great, but the crust far outshone the filling. But this blackberry lime filling is different. It is a star in its own right–I literally licked the leftover filling off my place after every slice. And I’m not using literally figuratively.  This filling is the perfect compliment to the crust, with each bringing out the best of the other.

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