Pizza Bianca

On my recent trip to Italy, I was prepared to eat some amazing food. And I was especially prepared for some great pizza. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much I would fall in love with pizza bianca. Now, pre-Italy, when I thought of pizza bianca I though of white pizza – that is, pizza with a white sauce or olive oil in place of the usual red pizza sauce. But in Italy, pizza bianca is pizza dough served without any toppings, aside from some olive oil and sea salt. I like a good crust as much (ok, probably more) than the next person, but the idea of just eating plain pizza crust wasn’t too thrilling for me. Until I tried it. It is a typical breakfast in Italy, and when we tried it on our first morning I was instantly hooked. With just the perfect ratio of crisp, crunchy outside to soft chewy inside, I realized pizza bianca was a testament to how simple – done well – can be completely transformative. The second we got home I was looking up recipes to replicate this perfect breakfast.  Continue reading “Pizza Bianca”


S’mores Cupcakes

I love summer, and I love the Olympics. And I really love the summer Olympics. But this year I will be in Italy for the bulk of the Olympics (I know, poor me), so I will be binging more on pasta and gelato than international sporting (again, poor me). So for my pre-Italy post I wanted to give a nod to both America (go Team USA!) and our rapidly dwindling summer. And what dessert says summer in the States than S’mores? None come to my mind. While I do want to keep this post short and sweet after last week’s behemoth, a recipe for S’mores seemed to be mailing it in just a bit too much. So I present, S’Mores cupcakes! These little guys honor the wonderful merging of favors of s’mores, as well as the sensory fun.

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